Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hyundai diesel is coming

This is big news, and I am plenty excited.

For too long, Volkswagen has been allowed to play, virtually alone in the North American market, as pretty much the only diesel offering in a car under $25,000. With this near monopoly, they have been able to settle into a smug complacency as the only game in town. If you asked the average TDI owner (say, a member of the TDIClub), the majority would probably say they'd never own a gas VW, and only have a VW because they are diesel people.

One less opinion out there

The purpose of a blog is many-fold, not the least of which to capture, in real time, thoughts and reflections on the topic at hand.

In the auto industry, there's been no shortage of stuff upon which to reflect these days. And there's been no shortage of opinions out there.

Of course, I've got plenty as well. But, I shall refrain. I've kept draft entries here for my own sense of documentation - at some point I may or may not bother to post them. Perhaps what might be interesting is to see how things ultimately shake down and then post them - unedited - with the benefit of "after the fact hindsight", just for kicks.

Before I sign off for this entry, I must at least register where I stand on the bailout question - if you've been reading this blog at all, I'm sure you will have already guessed but, for the record, I am absolutely opposed to a bailout of the "Big 3". I share this position with J.